English Language Training at Work for Your Diverse Team.

English Language training at work

Organizations are struggling to bridge communication gaps in their diverse teams.

Lingo Learn unifies your workforce by providing Technology-Driven English Language Training, on-site or online, day or night.

When you invest in your team member’s communication, word starts to spread and your company grows.

Providing value to your organization

4 Ways English Language Training Transforms Your Team

Unlock Potential

Unlock the potential of your diverse workforce by bridging the communication gaps and empowering them to be fully self-expressed.

Improve Productivity

Elevate your team’s cohesion and productivity with fewer misunderstandings.

Upward Mobility & Retention

Improve retention, morale and upward mobility of team members in the organization. Save time and money from hiring and turnover.

Avoid Workplace Injury

Avoid workplace injuries and improve safety with better comprehension.

How It Works

At Lingo Learn, we know that the best organizations support their team members to reach their full potential.

The problem is that some members of your workforce aren't able to dedicate time to improving their English communication.

When a language barrier exists for your team members, they may feel insecure about sharing their ideas and it could limit their ability to fully contribute to the overall success of the organization.

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to become fully self-expressed and empowered to thrive at work and in life. That's why we created an English Language Training program specially designed for adult learners in work settings.

Here's How:

We start by conducting both written and spoken English level assessments (online). We then group your team members into classes of 6-8, or offer 1-on-1 training, based on their assessed English level and availability in their schedule.

A Lingo Learn teacher meets with them twice per week for 90 minutes each class, over a period of 15 weeks. Students experience a fully immersive English conversation, integrated with use of our AI Voice Recognition Software.

If you would like a different training schedule, we can accommodate that as well; however in our experience this timeframe provides the best results.

Exams are administered on the final day of the program and successful students are awarded certificates of completion. Watch your company culture thrive as everyone gets talking!

The Lingo Learn Difference

We at Lingo Learn have trained over 400 corporate and manufacturing students since founding in 2020.
Our program was originally created from manufacturing workers at a full range of English competency levels.

We built out an entirely original curriculum to reflect contextually relevant subjects to adult learners and focus on speaking and comprehension, as well as technological competency.
By integrating the lessons with our AI Voice-Recognition software, we promote neural feedback loops for improved retention and accent reduction.
We are proud of the results we have achieved, with a 96% teacher approval rating and 97% based on 250 former student survey respondents.
Our Lingo Learn promise is that there will be a full IELTS English Language Level increase at the end of our 15-week course for each of our students.

Laura Martin
CEO of Lingo Learn Corporation

Invest in your team's success

When word starts to spread, your company grows.